The LoveCard

The Lovecard

Feeding hungry children, an idea.

I was walking up a street in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario about 10 years ago and this idea came into my head. The idea is simple. Why couldn’t all credit card companies, banks and big box stores such as Home Depot add a simple feature to their cards that allows anyone using them an option to donate to a fund that is strictly for feeding children?

Imagine being in line at Home Depot and have just purchased something that you’ve been looking forward to. You pull out your LoveCard debit card and on the transaction screen you’re given the option to donate either a percentage of your purchase or a fixed amount to help feed children. The ‘Yes/No’ selection means that there’s no obligation and no pres- sure. The choice is yours. On the cashier’s screen your donation is not indicated so even a 25 cent donation is still appreciated without the need to feel that a large amount was required. With the billions of daily transactions 25 cents could equate to millions of dollars with your receipt indicating the amount donated and becoming a valid tax deduction.

With all the different plastic cards out there that allow you to purchase product and food, the sky is the limit. Canadian Tire, Sobey’s, Home Depot, TD Canada Trust, Visa, Mastercard, Scotiabank etc. etc. could all have their own versions of the LoveCard and it just takes 1 company to get on the bus.

Needless to say the amount of variables that would have to be put into play are incredible but excuses never create change . I believe strongly that if something is simple to do ( convenient ) and that it’s for a good cause, it will work. Their plastic transaction cards give them their own ‘No Hassle’ ‘No Pressure’ charity that they can donate to at will. No phone calls, no letters and no pressure. People are instinctively generous in nature but that changes quickly when work is required.

Creating Trust

As a consumer I would want that my transactions have no additional charges placed on them and that all the moneys received from a LoveCard go directly to a reputable and accountable charity that ONLY feeds and cares for children. Charities with high overhead are a no no. Ideally a new charity would be created, a central hub for world change.

Where’s Bill Gates when you need him?

Microsoft could easily be a key player in all of this, developing and implementing the software that’s needed and the technology is already here.

I would love to photograph healthy and vibrant children with full hearts and stomachs. Enough with the excuses.

Rick Carroll