Rory Taillon

Rory Taillon - Ottawa 10.09.2017

Rory Taillon – Sparks Street -Ottawa 10.09.2017

I met Rory today on Sparks Street and was captivated by the strength of his voice and his selection of music. My big mistake was not putting enough time in actually enjoying it all. He’s also a great guy.

Nice meeting you Rory. Hope you like the photograph.

Rory Taillon’s Website

Rick Carroll

My Obsession with Truth

Canada Day - 2016

Canada Day 2016 – Ottawa

What is important to me in a photograph and with many types of art, is that it speaks a certain truth. That being said, I believe that such images, such art, impact, initiate and create change in society.

A happy child to me is incredibly special because it’s speaks of a society getting it right. My childhood never had words like “I love you”, “You are special”, arms that held me or words from storybooks.

Rick Carroll