Who Is Garry Black?

Little Mermaid - Ottawa 29.07.2017

Little Mermaid – Ottawa 29.07.2017

Like many people I sit on the sidelines peaking into this and that, making assessments and filtering to where I find some truth and something of value. Rarely, and I do mean rarely, do I find someone who gives constantly, is a professional, doesn’t play head games and is so kindhearted in nature, as Garry Black.

For many year now I’ve sent the odd message to Garry, sometimes just to bug him and sometimes to challenge him and although we rarely communicate I’ve always sensed a kinship. What I feel is common to both of us, is a love and a respect of photography and a love of life and people.

Like the young girl in the photo, my hat goes off to Garry Black.

Take the time to look into this wonderful man because some things are always worth it.

Rick Carroll