Rory Taillon

Rory Taillon - Ottawa 10.09.2017

Rory Taillon – Sparks Street -Ottawa 10.09.2017

I met Rory today on Sparks Street and was captivated by the strength of his voice and his selection of music. My big mistake was not putting enough time in actually enjoying it all. He’s also a great guy.

Nice meeting you Rory. Hope you like the photograph.

Rory Taillon’s Website

Rick Carroll

Capital Pride

Capital Pride - Ottawa 27.08.2017

Capital Pride – Ottawa 27.08.2017

Personally I feel that this photograph expresses Sunday’s Capital Pride quite well.

Rick Carroll

Little Girl

Ottawa 06.08.2017

Ottawa 06.08.2017

Today I was reminded in thought of what my friend Michael said and that was to never lose touch of my sensitivity.

Rick Carroll


Buskerfest - Ottawa 06.08.2017

Buskerfest – Ottawa 06.08.2017

Yes I’m a bit late on this one. I posted this because it reminds me of how I never ever get tired of the stories told in the expressions on people’s faces.

Rick Carroll

The Photographer

The Photographer - Ottawa 08.17.2017

The Photographer – Ottawa 08.17.2017

I found it extremely odd yesterday when this man ( who was watching me ) decided to sit himself down right in front of where my camera had been pointing. I wish it was always that simple to get people to pose for a portrait.

This web version isn’t quite up to what I want it to be.

Wellington Building

Rick Carroll

Doing Lines

Kent Street - Ottawa 20.07.2017

Kent Street – Ottawa 20.07.2017

I’ve always loved the lines on the crosswalk at Kent and Sparks streets and yesterday, unexpectedly, this young woman appeared.

Rick Carroll

Day Break

Slater Street - Ottawa 26.06.2017

Slater Street – Ottawa 26.06.2017

Taking a break from work at the Capital Hill – Hotel and Suites on Slater Street in Ottawa’s downtown core.

Rick Carroll

Chef’s Hat

Chef's Hat - Ottawa 24.06.2017

Chef’s Hat – Ottawa 24.06.2017

Call it me weird but I’ve always thought of Chef’s hats as being cool. I believe that this gentleman was taking a break from the Spin Kitchen & Bar on Kent Street.

Warning !!! Clicking on it’s link might make you hungry…

Enough said…
Rick Carroll

Go RedBlacks !!!

Ottawa RedBlacks 22.06.2017

Ottawa RedBlacks 22.06.2017

I saw this young woman posing for a model shoot on Sparks Street and decided to steal a photograph.

Rick Carroll