The 2018 Challenge

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To some this image might represent the contents of ones’ brain today after a grueling New Year’s Eve party. Trust me, it will get better.

Although I’m not quite convinced that time is linear, I do live on this planet and abide for the most part to what is considered as “truth”. That being said, it is a new year.

The Challenge

Putting all things aside, goals, aspirations, expectations, pats on the back etc… the challenge is to make someone’s life / day a little better. How you do it, what you do and how often really doesn’t matter. It can be just 1 thing done once or a lifetime commitment.

The choice is yours.

Rick Carroll


Sparks Street - Ottawa 25.07.2017

Sparks Street – Ottawa 25.07.2017

Having gone to french schools up until college and a short lived stint at university, I grew to appreciate and love the french language. Today, as an anglophone I know that the french language when blended with a suitable voice, is as beautiful as any musical score and something I could never tire of.

Like many, most of us at one time or another have heard a voice off in the distance with such a unique and wonderful quality to it, that we needed to investigate. So imagine my surprise when finding a source as beautiful as the voice and the words themselves.

Rick Carroll

Photographers that Matter

What follows are two excerpts from articles I previously wrote about two incredible Ottawa photographers. ( Slightly edited again )

Garry Black ( Original article “Who is Garry Black?” 09.09.2017 )

Like many people I sit on the sidelines peaking into this and that, making assessments and filtering to where I find some truth or something of value. Rarely, and I do mean rarely, do I find someone who gives constantly, is a professional, doesn’t play head games and is so kindhearted in nature, as Garry Black.

For many years now I’ve sent the odd message to Garry, sometimes just to bug him and sometimes to challenge him and although we rarely communicate I’ve always sensed a kinship.

What I feel is common to both of us, is a love and a respect of photography and a love of life and people.

My hat goes off to Garry Black.

Take the time to look into this wonderful man because some things are always worth it.


Michael Schreier ( Original artcile “Thank You Michael” 03.06.2017 )

I spent the afternoon today with the “Devil’s Advocate”, Michael Schreier.

Michael Schreier, a.k.a. “Satan”, is an Ottawa photographer, retired Ottawa U professor and the recent recipient of the Karsh Award.

From the outside looking in, in today’s conversation I might have appeared as being rigid and dogmatic and that perception would have been accurate. We all protect what is familiar and safe. In many ways however, the layers of life that we discussed, the challenges and the directions were already changing.

So today I did coffee with a person who gave their time and words at no cost, challenged me, gave insights and allowed me the freedom to find my way. All of which makes for a good story. In retrospect, I’m starting to believe that teachers are life’s greatest artists.

Thank you for today.

Rick Carroll

Waiving the Flag

Gay Pride Parade - Ottawa 27.08.2017

Gay Pride Parade – Ottawa 27.08.2017

Photographs such as this often haunt me because they keep coming back into my thoughts even though I know that at least to me, they’re not technically perfect.

I battle with what’s a keeper, what to put time into and what means more and when I find myself here, it usually boils down to whether I like it or not.

More often than not, the last filter we use to decide something is often our first filter, our gut/instinct.

Rick Carroll