Hold the Phone

Albert Street - Ottawa 18.10.2017

Albert Street – Ottawa 18.10.2017

Imagine that you’re out for a walk, taking in the day and all of a sudden you just have to stop and take a selfie.

Rick Carroll


Ottawa - 14.10.2017

Laurier Avenue W – Ottawa 14.10.2017

As much as I am attracted to a pretty face, I am also equally attracted to a facial expression, the mystery in someone’s eyes, the telling, the hidden, the fear, the passion and the strength.

Rick Carroll

Rory Taillon

Rory Taillon - Ottawa 10.09.2017

Rory Taillon – Sparks Street -Ottawa 10.09.2017

I met Rory today on Sparks Street and was captivated by the strength of his voice and his selection of music. My big mistake was not putting enough time in actually enjoying it all. He’s also a great guy.

Nice meeting you Rory. Hope you like the photograph.

Rory Taillon’s Website

Rick Carroll

Who Is Garry Black?

Little Mermaid - Ottawa 29.07.2017

Little Mermaid – Ottawa 29.07.2017

Like many people I sit on the sidelines peaking into this and that, making assessments and filtering to where I find some truth and something of value. Rarely, and I do mean rarely, do I find someone who gives constantly, is a professional, doesn’t play head games and is so kindhearted in nature, as Garry Black.

For many year now I’ve sent the odd message to Garry, sometimes just to bug him and sometimes to challenge him and although we rarely communicate I’ve always sensed a kinship. What I feel is common to both of us, is a love and a respect of photography and a love of life and people.

Like the young girl in the photo, my hat goes off to Garry Black.

Take the time to look into this wonderful man because some things are always worth it.

Rick Carroll


Lint - Ottawa 26.08.2017

Lint – Ottawa 26.08.2017

When I started editing this photograph the man’s face wasn’t quite the way I wanted it to be from a technical standpoint but what really surprised me was the amount of lint on his sweater. Typically I would have removed it all to make the image that much better.
( or should I say “that much more acceptable.”? )

For this man in the fall of his life, as I am, I doubt that having lint on his sweater really mat- ters anymore. What I find wonderful about ageing is the knowing where our focus should be.

Rick Carroll


Protester - Parliament Hill - Ottawa 14.05.2017

Protester – Parliament Hill – Ottawa 14.05.2017

I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit with this photograph to emphasise the fact that this is a young girl. The idea that parents bring their children to protests that sometime involve hate, to me, teeters on the sharp blade of ethics. This girl is probably around 12 or 13 years old.

Rick Carroll

Exotic Beauty

Sparks Street - Ottawa 02.07.2017

Sparks Street – Ottawa 02.07.2017

On Tuesday I turn 59. Yes I can’t believe it either. Despite that, a beautiful woman is always a beautiful woman.

Rick Carroll

Capital Pride

Capital Pride - Ottawa 27.08.2017

Capital Pride – Ottawa 27.08.2017

Personally I feel that this photograph expresses Sunday’s Capital Pride quite well.

Rick Carroll

Sheraton Selfie

Sheraton Selfie - Ottawa 26.08.2017

Sheraton Selfie – Ottawa 26.08.2017

Sometimes being at the right spot at the right time really pays off and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to grab this shot outside the Sheraton hotel on Albert Street. It certainly added a nice touch to my day.

Rick Carroll