Good-Bye Social Media

Sparks Street - Ottawa 22.09.2017

Sparks Street – Ottawa 22.09.2017

I’ve never really bought into the idea of social media and although it works for some, I’ve always felt an incredible sense of desperation to it all. Imagine putting hours and hours in on different websites on the chance that someone might “like” or “follow” you. Frankly it’s ridiculous.

In this day where voice calls, letters, emails and actual interaction have almost gone by way of the dinosaur, I refuse to chase people and to chase money just so that I can buy stuff, impress people and “appear” to be successful.

Besides this blog, YouTube will remain a keeper because at some point I’d love to do some instructional videos. Sometimes making do with a small handful of friends who actually look at your work, is really not such a bad thing after all.

Thanks for listening.

Rick Carroll