Buskerfest - Ottawa 06.08.2017

Buskerfest – Ottawa 06.08.2017

Yes I’m a bit late on this one. I posted this because it reminds me of how I never ever get tired of the stories told in the expressions on people’s faces.

Rick Carroll

The Photographer

The Photographer - Ottawa 08.17.2017

The Photographer – Ottawa 08.17.2017

I found it extremely odd yesterday when this man ( who was watching me ) decided to sit himself down right in front of where my camera had been pointing. I wish it was always that simple to get people to pose for a portrait.

This web version isn’t quite up to what I want it to be.

Wellington Building

Rick Carroll


Dad - Ottawa 25.07.2017

Queen Street – Ottawa 25.07.2017

This photograph was actually taken at a high ISO and is not the sharpest but I only managed to get the one frame.

Rick Carroll

Doing Lines

Kent Street - Ottawa 20.07.2017

Kent Street – Ottawa 20.07.2017

I’ve always loved the lines on the crosswalk at Kent and Sparks streets and yesterday, unexpectedly, this young woman appeared.

Rick Carroll

Day Break

Slater Street - Ottawa 26.06.2017

Slater Street – Ottawa 26.06.2017

Taking a break from work at the Capital Hill – Hotel and Suites on Slater Street in Ottawa’s downtown core.

Rick Carroll

Chef’s Hat

Chef's Hat - Ottawa 24.06.2017

Chef’s Hat – Ottawa 24.06.2017

Call it me weird but I’ve always thought of Chef’s hats as being cool. I believe that this gentleman was taking a break from the Spin Kitchen & Bar on Kent Street.

Warning !!! Clicking on it’s link might make you hungry…

Enough said…
Rick Carroll

Go RedBlacks !!!

Ottawa RedBlacks 22.06.2017

Ottawa RedBlacks 22.06.2017

I saw this young woman posing for a model shoot on Sparks Street and decided to steal a photograph.

Rick Carroll

Mickey and the Bear

Parliament Hill - Ottawa 22.05.2017

Parliament Hill – Ottawa 22.05.2017

Parliament Hill - Ottawa 22.05.2017

Parliament Hill – Ottawa 22.05.2017

Once in a while I’ll come across a list on “Where to photograph in Ottawa?” Well… why not try the steps on Parliament Hill? So many happy faces, so much pride and just a lot of fun.

Rick Carroll


Thought - Ottawa 10.06.2017

Thought – Ottawa 10.06.2017

This type of photograph is so common, so cliché. Still I often see myself as this young boy on the steps of the First Baptist Church on Laurier Avenue W.

Rick Carroll