Photograph or Digital Image?

Youtube can certainly be a wonderful tool for learning and I personally use it all the time but it is a candy store and more often then not with goodies that are simply not good for you. Needless to say, most of us are guilty of buying into the “Wows” and hype that everyone seems to be selling.

As a person / photographer? I am incredibly selective as to who I watch and what I buy into. I’ve sifted through hundreds and hundreds of sites searching for real work by real photographers. I can honestly say that there are really only about a hand- ful of true photographers who know their craft and from whom you could actually learn something from.

Jason Lanier is certainly one of them.

Photographs that require significant altering in Adobe’s Photoshop or other editing software, adding this or removing that, are not photographs. They may represent a skill in editing but indicate very little with respect to photography. They are in fact digital images.

The video below touches on many things that I completely agree with but it’s always a challenge to write about anything that some might consider to be negative.


Rick Carroll

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