Corporal Lachaine

Corporal Lachaine

Corporal Lachaine – Ottawa 09.04.2017

I always think of the honour one must feel while standing guard at the National War Memorial and even more so on the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge

Rick Carroll

Doing It Justice

Ivstitia - Supreme Court of Canada - Ottawa

Ivstitia – Supreme Court of Canada – Ottawa

Today was an incredibly beautiful day to be outside and as I walked by the Supreme Court building on Wellington, I couldn’t help but think how this “One Way” sign was pointing to justice. ( Ivstitia, the statue and the Supreme Court of Canada building )

Rick Carroll

Thank You Michael

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I spent the afternoon today with the “Devil’s Advocate”, Michael Schreier Michael Schreier, a.k.a. “Satan”, is an Ottawa photographer, retired Ottawa U professor and the recent recipient of the Karsh Award. That being said, Mr. Schreier is a very private person and this public thank you is really about sharing something special.

From the outside looking in, today’s conversation might have seemed as me being rigid and dogmatic and that perception is accurate. We all protect what is familiar and safe. In many ways however, the layers of life that we discussed, the challenges and the directions were already changing and this video represents the starting point of that transition.

So I did coffee today with a person who gave their time and words at no cost, who challenged me, gave me insights and allowed me the freedom to find my way. To me that’s a good story and I’m starting to believe that teachers are life’s greatest artists.

Thank you for today.

Rick Carroll

The Look

City Hall - Ottawa 2017

City Hall – Ottawa 2017

What started out initially as me trying to catch up to Mayor Watson at City Hall ended with me being captivated by these young children dressed in their country’s garb.

Rick Carroll

O’Connor Street

O'Connor Street - Ottawa

O’Connor Street – 2016

I envy photographers who live in warm climates and who can step out every day and not be concerned with freezing.

Rick Carroll

Sampled Flavours

Sampled Flavours

Sparks Street – Ottawa

In every wrinkle lies a sampled flavour of life.

Rick Carroll

Closing Out 2016

Ottawa - 2015

Ottawa – 2015

Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge tucking something away and moving ahead. In the last week or so, it became clear to me that I no longer wanted to limit what I post to things that people would feel comfortable with.

To me, a good photograph is about it’s subject and composition regardless of how it’s content may make someone feel.

Rick Carroll

Photograph or Digital Image?

Youtube can certainly be a wonderful tool for learning and I personally use it all the time but it is a candy store and more often then not with goodies that are simply not good for you. Needless to say, most of us are guilty of buying into the “Wows” and hype that everyone seems to be selling.

As a person / photographer? I am incredibly selective as to who I watch and what I buy into. I’ve sifted through hundreds and hundreds of sites searching for real work by real photographers. I can honestly say that there are really only about a hand- ful of true photographers who know their craft and from whom you could actually learn something from.

Jason Lanier is certainly one of them.

Photographs that require significant altering in Adobe’s Photoshop or other editing software, adding this or removing that, are not photographs. They may represent a skill in editing but indicate very little with respect to photography. They are in fact digital images.

The video below touches on many things that I completely agree with but it’s always a challenge to write about anything that some might consider to be negative.


Rick Carroll

My Obsession with Truth

Canada Day - 2016

Canada Day 2016 – Ottawa

What is important to me in a photograph and with many types of art, is that it speaks a certain truth. That being said, I believe that such images, such art, impact, initiate and create change in society.

A happy child to me is incredibly special because it’s speaks of a society getting it right. My childhood never had words like “I love you”, “You are special”, arms that held me or words from storybooks.

Rick Carroll


The Magic of it All

Young girl in stroller - Ottawa

Parliament Hill – Sunday

It’s easy to get annoyed by an image that just doesn’t quite make the grade such as this one ( the face is not in focus ) because we all seem to strive for some form of perfection.

If there’s a magic in photography, it lies in how we live the special moments and what we walk away with.

Rick Carroll