Canada Day - 2016

Canada Day 2016 - Ottawa

What is important to me in a photograph and with many types of art, is that it speaks a certain truth. That being said, I believe that such images, such art, impact, initiate and create change in society.

A happy child to me is incredibly special because it's speaks of a society getting it right. My childhood never had words like "I love you", "You are special", arms that held me or words from storybooks.

Rick Carroll


Young girl in stroller - Ottawa

Parliament Hill - Sunday

It's easy to get annoyed by an image that just doesn't quite make the grade such as this one ( the face is not in focus ) because we all seem to strive for some form of perfection.

If there's a magic in photography, it lies in how we live the special moments and what we walk away with.

Rick Carroll

Remembrance Day 2016

Elgin Street - Ottawa

Maybe it was just two wrinkly old men or the chill of the morning but on this Remembrance Day I rested my camera and paused so that I could look into the eyes of this/my unknown hero and share a respectful nod.

Rick Carroll