Thank You Michael

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I spent the afternoon today with the “Devil’s Advocate”, Michael Schreier Michael Schreier, a.k.a. “Satan”, is an Ottawa photographer, retired Ottawa U professor and the recent recipient of the Karsh Award. That being said, Mr. Schreier is a very private person and this public thank you is really about sharing something special.

From the outside looking in, today’s conversation might have seemed as me being rigid and dogmatic and that perception is accurate. We all protect what is familiar and safe. In many ways however, the layers of life that we discussed, the challenges and the directions were already changing and this video represents the starting point of that transition.

So I did coffee today with a person who gave their time and words at no cost, who challenged me, gave me insights and allowed me the freedom to find my way. To me that’s a good story and I’m starting to believe that teachers are life’s greatest artists.

Thank you for today.

Rick Carroll

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