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Chef’s Hat

Chef's Hat - Ottawa 24.06.2017

Chef's Hat - Ottawa 24.06.2017

Call it me weird but I've always thought of Chef's hats as being cool. I believe that this gentleman was taking a break from the Spin Kitchen & Bar on Kent Street.

Warning !!! Clicking on it's link might make you hungry...

Enough said...
Rick Carroll

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3 thoughts on “Chef’s Hat

  1. Diane Finley McCooeye

    It did indeed make me head for the kitchen
    your shots are awesome
    you have an interesting eye

      1. Diane Finley McCooeye

        You have the Best Heart
        and your photographs make one stop .... and think ....
        You seem to catch the unique and different which is refreshing
        I check all your week past on Fridays
        Have a great interesting week ahead


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