That I Would Be Good

I can’t imagine a song that is more appropriate to me at this time in my life, as this one. As I allow all things to dissolve, to fall and to fail, I know that I would be good.

“That I Would Be Good”

that I would be good even if I did nothing
that I would be good even if I got the thumbs down
that I would be good if I got and stayed sick
that I would be good even if I gained ten pounds

that I would be fine even if I went bankrupt
that I would be good if I lost my hair and my youth
that I would be great if I was no longer queen
that I would be grand if I was not all knowing

that I would be loved even when I numb myself
that I would be good even when I am overwhelmed
that I would be loved even when I was fuming
that I would be good even if I was clingy

that I would be good even if I lost sanity
that I would be good
whether with or without you

Rick Carroll

Where’s 2017 ?

Vietnam Protest - Ottawa 14.05.2017

Vietnam Protest – Parliament Hill Ottawa 14.05.2017

Some of you may have noticed that there isn’t any slideshow for the year 2017. That however does not mean that I am not taking photographs. I’m just not sure if I want to continue using that format. On a personal level I really want something much more exceptional.

Rick Carroll


Self-Portrait - Ottawa 22.05.2017

Self-Portrait – Ottawa 22.05.2017

Cenotaph - Truro N.S. 03.07.2012

Cenotaph – Truro N.S. 03.07.2012

To put this article in context, I walked out on a job two weeks ago because it went against my values, beliefs and to some extent, ethics. So the threat of being homeless, although solved for this moment, is not the best place to be.

People Before Profit.

The man in this self-portrait is not me but I have been him.

The photograph of the Cenotaph in Truro, Nova Scotia was a photograph I took when I found myself homeless for the first time in my life. Canada Day this year will mark the 5th anniversary of that event. Continued thanks to the Truro Police for providing me with a safe place to sleep during my short stay.

“Stigma”… With poverty comes stigma and my words to some will provide just enough ammunition to dismiss me. Fair enough. I too am guilty of dismissing people at times, even today.

Twenty some years ago I gave up traditional and profitable work, to work part time, just enough to survive and to keep me taking photographs. I’ve moved from town to town, financially poor and often hungry because photography meant more to me than things, position or power.

This magic box, my camera, taught me about the incredible beauty of life, the magic of people, compassion, empathy, happiness, sadness, fear and respect. With that, I’ve learned that all life is sacred.

Things mean so little to me.


In recent days I’ve targeted people with whom I want to share my dreams. They may see me as a bit off, insane or possibly both. It’s not the first time and not likely the last. My passion is my only excuse.

  • I want to teach children of the magic of life through the lens of a camera.
  • I want to provide the best of portraiture to people who may not be able to afford high prices.
  • I want to work with non-profit groups and service groups to give them a rightly deserved presence.
  • I want to teach photography with compassion as it’s core.
  • I want to work on many areas of abuse in society.
  • I want to use my camera for things that are truly meaningful.
  • and “Yes” I do need to make a bit of money at it.

So many wonderful things are possible.

I need people to support what I am trying to accomplish here and having a few doors open would go along way in creating something that I feel would be special to many.

This photograph by Mike Wells rocked my world over 30 years ago.

Uganda Famine - Mike Wells - 1980

Uganda Famine – Mike Wells – 1980

Thank you for your time.

Rick Carroll

O’Connor Street

O'Connor Street - Ottawa

O’Connor Street – 2016

I envy photographers who live in warm climates and who can step out every day and not be concerned with freezing.

Rick Carroll