The 2018 Challenge

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To some this image might represent the contents of ones’ brain today after a grueling New Year’s Eve party. Trust me, it will get better.

Although I’m not quite convinced that time is linear, I do live on this planet and abide for the most part to what is considered as “truth”. That being said, it is a new year.

The Challenge

Putting all things aside, goals, aspirations, expectations, pats on the back etc… the challenge is to make someone’s life / day a little better. How you do it, what you do and how often really doesn’t matter. It can be just 1 thing done once or a lifetime commitment.

The choice is yours.

Rick Carroll


Sparks Street - Ottawa 25.07.2017

Sparks Street – Ottawa 25.07.2017

Having gone to french schools up until college and a short lived stint at university, I grew to appreciate and love the french language. Today, as an anglophone I know that the french language when blended with a suitable voice, is as beautiful as any musical score and something I could never tire of.

Like many, most of us at one time or another have heard a voice off in the distance with such a unique and wonderful quality to it, that we needed to investigate. So imagine my surprise when finding a source as beautiful as the voice and the words themselves.

Rick Carroll