Me - Old guy with a camera.
Ottawa is my hometown and over 30 years ago I picked up my first camera, a gift from my former wife. I work with few tools, a camera and a tripod and some studio lighting. Nothing extravagant.

A recent decision that I made was to present my work as slideshows. In doing so I felt a bit like Microsoft in that I eliminated your option to pick and choose what to look at. To some that may be very annoying but this is not about 1 or 2 single images.

What you'll find here are a select few that I like.

My work has been published a bit, exhibited and from time to time I tutor which is always a wonderful experience. I love teaching to those who are serious about learning.

I am a firm believer that life is about moments and photography is simply a tool that I have some ability with. Just don't ask me to paint anything.

Regardless of the content and where that content may take someone, my photo- graphy and the act of taking a photograph has always been me celebrating life.

Here's what I want;

  • I want to teach children of the magic of life through the lens of a camera.
  • I want to provide the best of portraiture to people who may not be able to afford high prices.
  • I want to work with non-profit groups and service groups to give them a rightly deserved presence.
  • I want to teach photography with compassion as it's core.
  • I want to work on many areas of abuse in society.
  • I want to use my camera for things that are truly meaningful
  • and "Yes" I do need to make a bit of money at it.

For a little bit more insight, please read Self-Portrait

I wish everyone could spend a year or two behind a lens because I believe that they’d walk away with a greater respect for everything.

I maintain an 'Open Door Policy'. If you have a question, simply ask.

As a little side note... If you happen to find yourself here and wish to have your photo removed, simply contact me.

The monitor colour profile I use is Adobe 1998
Enjoy your stay.
Rick Carroll